30 Big Ideas to change the world

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14 Feb 2017839 kB PDF file

Over a period of 4 years Friends of the Earth investigated 10 big research areas, from the future of cities to innovation to the role of gender equality.
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We don’t pretend we’ve identified a perfect route-map for providing all of humanity with wellbeing within environmental limits.

But we are confident the ideas for transformational change we have identified – which are in many cases mutually reinforcing and synergistic - would make a significant contribution to reaching that goal.

The transformational changes we are suggesting will not be easily made because by its nature big change is strongly resisted by powerful vested interests. But we owe it to the next generation to pursue transformation and not just minor reforms to currently unsustainable policies.

Through history transformation has occurred when men and women of vision have doggedly pursued it against the odds and often at great personal cost. Today’s changemakers must take up the baton and run with it if we are to be able to look the next generation in the eyes and say “we did our best”.