Campaigning for change: lessons from history

Miners' Strike Rally in London in 1984

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Historians and campaigners explore the history of campaigning – and what lessons may be drawn for fighting modern-day causes.
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Whatever your political viewpoint you probably think that there is much in the world that needs changing.

Campaigning for change is a necessary activity - although one which is under attack in many parts of the world.

This ebook provides inspiration from some of the great British campaigns of the past - from the anti-slavery movement, to free-trade campaigners, to the suffragettes, to campaigns for homosexual equality.

Written by leading academics at the History & Policy Network and Friends of the Earth this book draws lessons for campaigners and historians alike.

History can't provide us with templates for modern-day campaigns but we can learn some lessons from it.

As 19th-century Russian historian Vasily Klyuchevsky said "History teaches us nothing, but only punishes for not learning its lessons".