Crisis in chemicals

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01 Jun 2000326 kB PDF file

The threat posed by the Biomedical Revolution to the profits, liabilities and regulation of industries making and using chemicals.
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A report published back in the year 2000.

The biomedical sciences are advancing rapidly, and by 2010 we will have sequenced the human genome, characterised much of the variability that exists between individuals, and learnt far more about the workings of complex systems of the body.

Genetic screening will be becoming routine, a normal part of being prescribed many pharmaceuticals and a routine component of preventive health.

What has this got to do with risks from chemicals? Why should industry and regulators be concerned? This report examines two reasons why the biomedical revolution should concern those who make and use chemicals:

  1. People vary in their responses to chemicals, and by 2010 we will know far more about this variation. Sensitive individuals will then demand to be protected.
  2. As we understand more about how our bodies function, it will be easier to detect the effects chemicals have on us.