Focusing businesses on doing good

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Mike Childs31 Dec 2014719 kB PDF file

How might we refocus business on environmental and human wellbeing?
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In this topic of the Big Ideas project we seek to identify what changes could lead to the ecosystem of businesses being dominated by those which are focussed on delivery of human and environmental well-being.

By businesses we mean organisations, generally for profit and legally incorporated, that bring together human and other resources to produce products or provide services.

When we refer to businesses we include businesses big and small, but when we refer to corporations or TNCs we are referring to very big businesses only.

We recognise that there are other important (and undervalued) providers of products or services, for example the unpaid and informal economy, but do not consider them in detail in this topic.

We particularly look through the lens of the role of businesses because it is, by and large, business activity that accounts for most traditionally recognised economic activity.

And we suggest business has had a significant role in co-creating the economic systems within which we operate.

Much of the focus is also on big business, by which we mean businesses with significant market share which operate across territories, because of their dominating role in markets and the influence they have on smaller businesses as well as politics and policy (even though smaller business are by far the bigger number and account for the majority of economic activity).