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UK terraced housing

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A low-carbon strategy to reduce housing emissions by 80% by 2050.
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Home Truths (published in 2007) demonstrated that an 80% cut in household emissions is achievable, and that it could be done in an equitable and fair way, wiping out fuel poverty and enabling UK citizens to live in a warm, comfortable home.

The vision is as follows:

The low-carbon house:

Every household has excellent insulation. Every household has a solar installation. The individual is warmer, has more hot water and can even have more appliances than now. No household spends more than 10% of its income on energy.

The benefits:

Carbon emissions are cut, national energy security is increased; homes provide a healthier environment; there are significantly increased employment and business opportunities. Fuel poverty has disappeared.

The approach:

Market transformation is the strategic approach recommended. It combines tough minimum energy standards for homes, lighting and appliances; regulation of utilities; generous financial support through grants, funding and the reform of energy tariffs; and much greater information for the consumer.

Market transformation sets a long-term policy framework and recognises that combinations of policies are the most effective. There are more than 40 individual policy recommendations.