The incineration campaign guide

(BE-B1) incineration - Selchp plant in south east London

02 Dec 1997675 kB PDF file

A guide published in 1997 to help local activists campaign against incinerators and raise awareness of the serious environmental threats incineration poses.
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Friends of the Earth believes that communities and individuals should be involved in the debate about waste prevention, waste disposal and particular proposals for incinerators. 

If possible, do not wait until there is a proposal for an incinerator on your door-step. Decisions about particular incinerators often relate back to earlier decisions on planning policies or waste strategies, so we have included sections to help you campaign at these earlier stages in the process. 

Back in 1997 this guide helped people who were opposing a specific proposal for an incinerator. People may also have referred to it to dissuade their local authority from considering incineration as an option for waste management.