The impact of abolishing National Indicator 186

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11 Feb 201145 kB PDF file

In 2010 the government abolished the National Performance Framework (NPF). We examine the impact on the ability of local authorities to cut carbon emissions.
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One of the first acts of the new Government in 2010 was to abolish the local government National Performance Framework (NPF), which included the national indicator set.

Two-thirds of Local Strategic Partnerships had chosen to sign up to national indicator 186 (NI186), setting themselves targets for reducing carbon emissions in their local area.

The local performance framework was very new at the time of its abolition, only having been operating since 2008. It was too early to say definitively what its impact was, and what the impact of scrapping it so soon may be.

Certainly there was room for more ambitious target-setting – only one-fifth of the targets set went beyond the emissions reductions that would have happened anyway as a result of national programmes.

However research suggests that the very existence of the indicator elevated the profile of local leadership on carbon reduction.