Policy positions

Reducing greenhouse gases: our position

Mike Childs14 Jul 2021

Why we need to reduce global warming greenhouse gases rapidly: Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland's position.

Aviation and climate change: our position

11 Mar 2021

Emissions from aviation continue to grow but need to fall. There are no technical fixes. Instead we need to curb frequent flying and stop airport expansion.

Sustainable eating: our position

14 Dec 2020

For our own health and the sake of the environment we need to eat and farm less and better meat and dairy: Friends of the Earth's position.

Population, consumption and human rights: our position

10 Nov 2020

Does population growth really impact the environment, or should our focus be on factors like consumption and inequality? Read Friends of the Earth's position on population, consumption and human rights.

Policies for green and fair recovery plans across the UK

14 Jul 2020

Right now, there's an unprecedented breadth of people, organisations, and businesses calling for COVID-19 recovery plans to be green and fair. We spell out the policy changes needed to deliver on this aspiration.

The EU-UK future trade relationship: our position

23 Apr 2020

Friends of the Earth sets out a broad vision of how the future EU-UK relationship can best serve our environment and society. 

UK trade and the environment: Our position

03 Apr 2020

The UK’s exit from the EU represents a critical juncture for shaping the future role of the UK in global economic systems, and the way in which future UK trade actions impact upon the environment. Here we set out our key recommendations for future UK trade policy.

Protest and non-violent action: our position

07 Sep 2018

Friends of the Earth supports the right of individuals and organisations to take part in peaceful protest and nonviolent direct action where this is likely to support the achievement of its objectives.

The future of cities: our position

21 Feb 2018

With most of the world living in cities, we're going to need a lot more community resource-sharing and stronger local democracy: Friends of the Earth's position.

Housing: our position

21 Feb 2018

We need a lot more housing, but every home should be well-insulated, affordable, safe and environmentally friendly: Friends of the Earth's position.

Consumption: our position

21 Feb 2018

It's good to enjoy food, clothes and treating ourselves. But the huge pressure to over consume (and waste) so much is harming nature and people: Friends of the Earth's position.

Feeding the world: our position

21 Feb 2018

There's enough food in the world for everyone – but to stop people going hungry we need changes in politics, farming and lifestyles: Friends of the Earth's position.

Nuclear energy: our position

27 Nov 2017

We need low-carbon energy. But renewables like wind and solar, and energy efficiency are better than nuclear power: Friends of the Earth's position.

Climate change adaptation: our position

27 Nov 2017

We need to minimise how climate change affects people and nature. We also have a responsibility to help the most vulnerable to cope: Friends of the Earth's position.

Nature and wildlife: our position

24 Nov 2017

Why our future as a species depends on nature and wildlife thriving in our countryside, towns and cities: Friends of the Earth's position.