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Using robust research, our Policy and Insight Team investigates the biggest challenges facing people and the planet – providing in-depth commentary on the causes, effects and solutions.

From analysing how the Budget exacerbates the climate emergency, to exploring ways to reduce pesticide use, our aim is to influence policy-makers and help drive change.

In focus

Why climate and nature must be embedded in English devolution

Sandra Bell31 May 2024

Sandra Bell explains why we can’t solve the climate and nature crises without the engagement of devolved authorities, and what’s stopping effective action.

It’s time we paid farmers properly, and more

Paul de Zylva10 May 2024

Paul de Zylva examines the unsustainable future facing many UK farmers and the factors that should be considered in creating a fair price for farming.

How England can produce more onshore renewable energy fast

09 Apr 2024

New analysis shows England has the space to become a green energy superpower. Find out how much and where new onshore wind and solar energy could be generated.

How are the UK’s cold homes impacting our health?

23 Feb 2024External link

The UK has a cold homes crisis. Learn about the hidden health and social costs of cold homes and download the new report by the Institute of Health Equity.

Friends of the Earth’s demands for the general election

07 Nov 2023

We're demanding urgent climate and nature action from all political parties. Find out what we're calling for them to commit to in their election manifestos.

How Britain’s bus services have drastically declined

28 Nov 2023

New research shows that, while London has been spared, bus services have been slashed throughout the rest of the country. Find out who’s worst impacted.

Where are the coldest neighbourhoods?

08 Dec 2022

Narrowing down our recent identification of 9,000 energy crisis hotspots, we’ve now identified 1,000 of the coldest neighbourhoods in England and Wales. Find out how we did this, who lives there and what the solutions are.