General election: scoring of manifestos and policies

24 Jun 2024382 kB XLSX file

This general election, for the first time, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace UK teamed up to score party manifestos and current party policies. The 4 main political parties were scored against a set of 40 policy recommendations compiled by the 2 organisations. This spreadsheet has the details.

Why climate and nature must be embedded in English devolution

Sandra Bell31 May 2024

Sandra Bell explains why we can’t solve the climate and nature crises without the engagement of devolved authorities, and what’s stopping effective action.

Three things the government must do to end the peat scandal

Paul de Zylva28 May 2024

If the government wants other nations to step up to the climate and ecological crises, it must show a clean pair of hands on peat.

It’s time we paid farmers properly, and more

Paul de Zylva10 May 2024

Paul de Zylva examines the unsustainable future facing many UK farmers and the factors that should be considered in creating a fair price for farming.

Full data analysis: England's onshore renewable energy potential

09 Apr 2024113 kB XLSX file

Download the spreadsheet containing our full data analysis on England's potential for onshore renewable energy.

How England can produce more onshore renewable energy fast

09 Apr 2024

New analysis shows England has the space to become a green energy superpower. Find out how much and where new onshore wind and solar energy could be generated.

How Britain’s bus services have drastically declined

28 Nov 2023

New research shows that, while London has been spared, bus services have been slashed throughout the rest of the country. Find out who’s worst impacted.

Friends of the Earth’s demands for the general election

07 Nov 2023

We're demanding urgent climate and nature action from all political parties. Find out what we're calling for them to commit to in their election manifestos.

Urban cooling by trees and green spaces - research findings

12 Jul 202317.84 MB PDF file

New research for 5 English cities shows that trees and green spaces cool some neighbourhoods by up to 5 degrees. This research document includes heat maps for these cities, alongside a description of the cooling provided and the research methodology used.

As the planet burns, government climate plans go backwards

Mike Childs07 Jul 2023

Mike Childs, Head of Science, Policy and Research, explains the Climate Change Committee’s 2023 report and why we're challenging UK carbon reduction plans.

Friends of the Earth vs UK Export Finance: case documents

21 Jun 2023

Read and use the case papers and other documents for our legal challenge. Friends of the Earth's legal challenge to the UK government over its backing of a gas megaproject in Mozambique was refused permission to appeal to the Supreme Court in June 2023, bringing an end to the case.

Data on neighbourhoods, flooding and social vulnerability

30 Apr 20232.66 MB XLSX file

This spreadsheet provides data by neighbourhoods (LSOAs) in England and Wales on their exposure to flood risk and whether the population is particularly socially vulnerable to flooding.

Is flooding in England getting worse?

Mike Childs29 Apr 2023

This briefing examines why so many more homes are threatened by flood water, where they are and what we can do to manage flood risk.

Is flooding in Wales getting worse?

Mike Childs29 Apr 2023

This briefing examines why so many more homes are threatened by flood water, where they are and what we can do to manage flood risk.

Who’s impacted by fuel poverty in 2023?

20 Mar 2023

We’ve identified who’ll be in fuel poverty across England and Wales in 2023, including some pen portraits. See the results and methodology of our data analysis in this briefing.