Why we need stronger UK laws to halt deforestation abroad

Nick Rau23 Feb 2023

Sarawak communities are fighting logging companies to protect their homes, livelihoods and forests. Find out how a new UK law could clean up timber supply chains.

Bad news for bees as neonics greenlighted again. And again.

Sandra Bell06 Feb 2023

Once again the government has given temporary approval to lift the ban on bee-harming chemicals against the recommendation of its own advisors.

Regulation is a public good, not a dirty word

Paul de Zylva06 Feb 2023

The sewage pollution scandal shows the dangers of deregulation and weakening standards. Paul de Zylva asks how present ministers can make up for past failures and reboot regulation for good.

How the government is set to trash UK nature protections

Kierra Box02 Feb 2023

The government plans a string of attacks on the rules that protect our environment. Kierra Box explains why nature and communities will suffer from the government’s proposed bonfire of regulations.

Securing warm homes that don’t cost the Earth

01 Feb 2023

The energy crisis demands policy changes. Find out why we’re calling for additional financial support, insulation and a transformation of our energy system.

Where are the coldest neighbourhoods?

08 Dec 2022

Narrowing down our recent identification of 9,000 energy crisis hotspots, we’ve now identified 1,000 of the coldest neighbourhoods in England and Wales. Find out how we did this, who lives there and what the solutions are.

Spreadsheet listing coldest neighbourhoods

08 Dec 2022200 kB XLSX file

A spreadsheet of the 100 coldest neighbourhoods in each English region and in Wales, based on a deeper analysis of neighbourhoods previously identified as energy crisis hotspots.

Climate threats to UK health and security show COP27 is vital

09 Nov 2022

Rishi Sunak is at the world climate talks after initially saying he’d be too busy to attend due to domestic matters. To help him get up to speed on the importance of COP27, we’ve set out the 6 big climate warnings from the week he became PM.

How well are the UK and the EU protecting nature?

Paul de Zylva04 Oct 2022

Nature is in crisis. The UK and EU must not preside over another lost decade of delay and destruction.

Air pollution in local authority areas spreadsheet

01 Oct 202252 kB XLSX file

This spreadsheet lists the number and proportion of very high air pollution neighbourhoods grouped by local authority area. It includes data on NO2, PM10 and PM2.5 levels in comparison with World Health Organization guidelines. Download the spreadsheet for more information.

Air pollution and schools spreadsheet

01 Oct 2022120 kB XLSX file

This spreadsheet lists the schools that are in neighbourhoods with very high air pollution, grouped by local authority area. Download the spreadsheet for more information.

Which neighbourhoods have the worst air pollution?

01 Oct 2022

Air pollution poses a serious threat to lives and livelihoods. Find out which neighbourhoods in England and Wales have the highest levels of air pollution and how the impacts of dirty air are unfairly distributed across society.

Councils and the energy crisis - a plan of action

22 Aug 20221.18 MB PDF file

A report by the New Economics Foundation for Friends of the Earth identifying how and council could address the energy crisis with the right support from the government, including costings.

Energy crisis hotspot spreadsheet

Toby Bridgeman22 Aug 202227 kB XLSX file

This data includes the number of energy crisis hotspots - lower than average income, higher than average energy use - by local authority area, plus data on the number of homes within these that require loft or cavity wall insulation, plus the average current energy bills for Autumn/Winter 2022 following recent policy announcements.

Why the energy crisis demands street-by-street energy saving measures

Mike Childs22 Aug 2022

Mike Childs explains why the UK needs to roll out an energy saving programme, starting with the 8,927 neighbourhoods most in need.